Monday, May 18, 2009

Sour Taste and Vegas Dining Critics Faux Pas

My trip to Las Vegas exposed the insincere, rude, off-camera persona of two American TV chefs.I won't disclose the second encounter, Mr. Colicchlio of Top Chef-a-Rama!
How can these self-righteous tradespeople get away with disrespecting a fellow colleague whose craft (Food Styling) visually enhances their culinary creations? Guess they don't trust I'm (we're) on the same team, have the same goal. They take themselves WAY to serious!

NEXT: I want you all to read this revealing article linked below by John Curtas (local Vegas food clown, sorry, I mean critic) and Al Mancini (Vegas food writer of CityLife Magazine).

This article speaks for itself. Please remember these guys get national invitations for FREE fancy food happenings 24/7, are looked upon as honored, educated and respected food writers (journalists)!

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