Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Julie & Julia L.A. "Special Screening"

I have been trying to get a screening ticket to this movie (Julia Child and Le Cordon Bleu late 40's) for the past weeks. This weekend I sent a request with photos of my 1975 Le Cordon Bleu Grand Diplome and me to the New York Le Cordon Bleu headquarters. This morning a lady named Margaret Warren, from LCB marketing/sales sent me an email of no tickets available.

So I called and thanked her for responding. We got to talking, I dropped a couple names, "Food Network", New York Times" and my dear friend, Robyn Cahill (who helped write the LCB cookbook in early 90's) and we said good-bye.

Surprise, Surprise! At 3:00pm Margaret called, she got me a ticket!!! I went and enjoyed the experience. Don't want to say too much until it's released August 7th. However, I was pleasantly delighted & suggest a rendez-vous to see Julie & Julia when it opens.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New York Times Food Section July 29

I was woken up this morning by NY Times food writer, Kim Severson.

She's doing a piece on food styling regarding upcoming Julie & Julia (Child) movie and wanted an interview from ME, "the Expert" whom she saw on last week's Food Network Challenge "Food Magicians". Kim told me the food stylist used for the movie was a friend of Martha Stewart, who's a friend of Nora Ephron, movie's screenwriter!

Check it out online or at the "ol fashioned news stands" for my East Coast pals. Piece will run Wednesday, July 29 in the NY Times Food Section.
-post script: my words were in the article, however no attribution.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

TV Food Network Challenge "Food Magicians" A Grand Success!

Contestant Angela Yeung at work

Winner Angela Yeung faces the judges

I'm so excited and relieved that the latest Food Network Challenge episode"Food Magicians" aired with great panache! This was my second appearance as the Expert Food Stylist Judge. I'm my worst critic and seeing myself on national television is never a fun experience , however I was pleasantly pleased with how the editors at High Noon Productions condensed 15 grueling hours of shooting into a 60 minute, nail biting food style-off.

Friday, July 3, 2009

TV Food Network Challenge "Food Magicians" Airs July 12

Here comes The Judge! I return as the Food Stylist Expert Lead Judge!

Premieres: Sunday, July 12th at 8pm Est. "Food Magicians"

Four of the best food stylists in the business come to Challenge to prove who has the skills to take home $10,000. The competition takes place over three rounds: breakfast, mystery lunch box, and romantic dinner for two. The competitor whose presentations garner the best photographs will take home $10,000 and a gold medal.