Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Gratitude 2010

As I reflect on my 2010 year's journey I must respectfully acknowledge the support of;

Linda Goldberg, MFT, whose continued wisdom has kept me moving forward since 1991.  

Elizabeth James-Berberich, esteemed food stylist & dear friend who has respected my knowledge.

Cheryl Dent & Jenny Brown, friends first & great food styling assistants.

Lincoln Snyder who took my Dad's 1930 Model A Truck off my hands and restored it to the vehicle Al  would have been proud of.

Ryan Beck, commercial photographer whose talents and generosity has allowed me to stretch and painfully grow as an food artist.

Helen Richards, neighbor and Los Angeles Tinseltown Rose Society partner in crime, thanks for all the fun.  

Chef Joel Robuchon and his Las Vegas restaurant chefs / staff;  you understand my/our passion, laborious, hard work of French cuisine and respect my culinary roots.  Merci.

Virginia Brooks, friend of 36 years from Paris days, always there for me, thank you.

Ellie Burnett, kindergarten pal who this year I reconnected with.  

I thank all my friends, colleagues, Facebook readers & fellow bloggers for their support.

And finally, deep love and appreciation to Jean-George, Andy & Marie Bernhart, Albert & Evelyn Hart whose sacrifice and gifts will never be forgotten.

Happy New Year, Good Health and Prosperity to All.