Sunday, October 7, 2012

Food Advertising

Food advertising uses photography (still or moving) for the sole purpose of selling a finished food product, an ingredient, a savory or dessert mix, a cookbook, recipe booklet/card, cooking tool, catalogue, restaurant menu, or food event.  A sales strategy is formulated by the business owner, brand marketing, graphic designer and or advertising agency to determine the photograph's positioning or use.   A team consisting of a professional product photographer, experienced food stylist and prop stylist are hired to execute each photo to the precise measurements, ingredients, client's dictates/whims  and appetite appeal to satisfy the truthful representation of the item being sold.

Here is an example of food advertising /packaging. The photo below, taken by product photographer, Ryan Beck,  styled by myself of Wild Tuna Bake for Organic Bistro.    The tuna, noodles, peas, etc are exactly the weight and recipe of what the consumer will find in this frozen entree.   No "faking" or "artistic enhancing".   The second shot is the completed package thanks to the talents of the graphic designer.

Wild Tuna Bake
Finished Package of Organic Bistro Wild Tuna Bake.

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