Friday, April 5, 2013

Food Styling, a Challenge Always

As Food Stylists we are never bored, always challenged and learning.  One day I am doing micro surgery on enrobed nutritional bars for packaging or like yesterday a commercial for local Orange County Fair with a llama named Sissy.    Fun making lots of beautiful corn dogs and sculpting blue cotton candy (a new skill!) into a ladies 60's bouffant eatable wig in the parking lot with wind and moisture in the air!   p.s. Sissy was sweet and didn't eat my food, only the actors ate!  Next week it's off to San Francisco to accept Best Food Stylist and The Julia Child Legacy IACP Awards, a dinner at Rivoli with food writer friend, Carole Saville in Berkeley, then Manresa Restaurant with Chef David Kinch (Los Gatos) ---Very Excited and getting the blue cotton candy out of my hair!!