Thursday, February 12, 2015

Rendering Barrel for Barrel & Ashes BBQ Joint

Experienced a very disappointing lunch from new-ish Studio City resto called Barrel & Ashes. Menu created by "celebrity chefs", Tim Hollingsworth and Rory Hermann. Greasy pools of liquid fat, micro meat, poorly seasoned BBQ/smoked pork ribs. My cloth napkin was soaked in oil from squeezing the oozing gristled bones. My guest politely asked for the brisket sandwich with no melted cheese. Of course, plate comes w melted cheese, then takes 10 more minutes to remake. Baked beans taste from canned Heinz 57 (tomatoe-y British version) w a splash of vinegar and cold square of pig back fat (no-meat-attached back fat). Soo-Wee and Gross a go-go! A tinned can of U.S. Bushes Baked Beans is 300% better. What are these guys thinking about?? Glad we didn't order more. Nice server, LOUD country tunes, no manager on site, no chefs, only cooks slinging & prepping for din-din. IPA beer was best part (only Telegraph $9 on Tap ). My advice is to stay away from this insipid mess of porcine disrespect. Oink-Oink from Hollywood.

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