Friday, January 25, 2013

Robbie Burn's Birthday Event

Visited Glendale's famous Tam O' Shanter restaurant to experience their 2-day Robbie Burns (Scotland's Famous Poet) birthday celebration.  I wanted to say "thank you" to my dear chef, Ivan Harrison, who took me under his wing when we worked together in 1977 at Lawry's Foods.  He's been retired for 13 years however The Tam requests his artistry in making The Haggis for this annual celebration.  I was honored to meet Dr. McCloud who "addressed the Haggis" with Scottish flare, piper, whiskey and song.  I will definitely go back next year!  

Dr. McCloud, Alice, Chef Ivan Harrison, cute laddie, Piper Cindi & singer

Dr. McCloud attacks The Haggis