Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Julie & Julia L.A. "Special Screening"

I have been trying to get a screening ticket to this movie (Julia Child and Le Cordon Bleu late 40's) for the past weeks. This weekend I sent a request with photos of my 1975 Le Cordon Bleu Grand Diplome and me to the New York Le Cordon Bleu headquarters. This morning a lady named Margaret Warren, from LCB marketing/sales sent me an email of no tickets available.

So I called and thanked her for responding. We got to talking, I dropped a couple names, "Food Network", New York Times" and my dear friend, Robyn Cahill (who helped write the LCB cookbook in early 90's) and we said good-bye.

Surprise, Surprise! At 3:00pm Margaret called, she got me a ticket!!! I went and enjoyed the experience. Don't want to say too much until it's released August 7th. However, I was pleasantly delighted & suggest a rendez-vous to see Julie & Julia when it opens.

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