Sunday, September 5, 2010

California Admission Day September 9, 1850. You're 160 years young!

Betcha thought I was wishing myself a happy birthday today, September 9!    It's Admission Day here in the Golden State of California.

In February of 1848, Mexico and the United States signed a treaty which ended the Mexican War and yielded a vast portion of the Southwest, including present-day California, to the United States. Several days earlier, gold had been discovered on the American River near Sacramento, and the ensuing gold rush hastened California's admittance to the Union. California became the 31st state on September 9, 1850. The Golden State's rich history has since been shaped by people of every ethnic background who traveled here seeking economic, social and educational opportunity, and a life of quality and breathtaking beauty. With a reputation for excellence and innovation in industries ranging from agriculture to entertainment, science and technology, our great state is home to one of the most diverse and dynamic populations anywhere in the world. On Admission Day, we observe the anniversary of California's statehood and celebrate the many valuable contributions Californians have made to the fortune and fortitude of our great nation.

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