Friday, May 13, 2011

Old Bike = New Bike.

1976 Schwinn Las Tour 10-Speed
My 1976 Schwinn La Tour 10-speed bike has been sitting in the garage with original tires flattened for many, many years.  I remember buying it at a cool bike shop in Marina Del Rey while house sitting a friend's condo a block from the beach.

Two weeks ago my friend Helen ask me if I wanted her 2004 one-speed KHS Manhattan Beach Cruiser as it was sitting under her patio with cracked white walls and starting to rust.  I said "absolutely"!  That got me thinking about my old Schwinn sitting alone rotting in the garage.  Each year I would pledge to restore my bike, however something else took it's place.

After just returning from another fabulous Joel Robuchon dining adventure in Vegas, and being a bit timid riding The Cruiser with cracked sidewalls, I decided to do something with these bikes.   So one by one I took them to my neighborhood bike shop for new tires, a tune-up and here's the result.   Two new "old" bikes ready for me to ride off all those Robuchon calories!   Maybe someone will come join me as I've got new"old" bikes to ride and it does make you feel young, hip and oh so cool......!!!

2004 KHS Manhattan Beach Cruiser  


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