Saturday, March 23, 2013

Julia Child Legacy Award Recipient (IACP)

I am so honored to accept The  IACP Julia Child Legacy Award (paying tribute to Julia's 100th birthday last year).    This one-time IACP writing, food styling, and photography contest was to honor and celebrate Julia's contribution to the culinary landscape.    Award to be accepted in San Francisco early April.  Here's the criteria for the photo below:
Food Styling & Photography Award
Show an image that illustrates something about the work and passion of Julia Child.
The image could be of a finished dish from one of her recipes, a French meal in progress, ingredients or tools she favored in her work, the experience of cooking from her books and so on. 
 The criteria will include but not be limited to: originality of concept composition, technical strength, and depth of emotion or scene conveyed to the viewer.
( I choose to go back to the 1960's centered around her famous cookbook "Mastering the Art of French Cuisine" 1961. )

Caption:    My tribute to Julia Child circa1960's.  Her French culinary training, vintage book titles, inspired my culinary career.  Photo taken with Canon S-95 (10mg) camera,  tripod, and natural light.   Photographed and styled by myself in my vintage 1960's home kitchen.  All props and books owned by me, including my 1975 Le Cordon Bleu, Paris Grande Diplome,  1937 Chrome Waring Blender and French brass & painted iron balance scale circa 1900.  Quiche is my own recipe.   
The Julia Child Legacy Award Winning Photo
Photographed and Styled by Alice M. Hart

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