Monday, May 4, 2009

The Real Deal: Alice Hart's Le Cordon Bleu Grande Diplome, Paris 1975

This week Las Vegas hosts the deliciously decadent culinary celebration, Vegas Uncork'd sponsored by Bon Appetit. Plus, the new movie Julie & Julia begins media hype (about my alumna Julia Child).

Am I the culinary expert to indulge and critique these famed chefs and local cooks putting their best plates forward to a band of food writers, posers and self-proclaimed pundits?

Question: Do I have the credentials? Am I the real deal?

Finally after 30+ years (being behind the scenes and media invisible) as a respected Los Angeles professional food stylist, working with restaurant chefs, teaching French cuisine in the early 70's, Lawry's Foods research & development whiz-kid, IACP charter member since 1978, food & restaurant writer, conference speaker, and current TV Food Network Challenge Judge. It's time--- I'M COMING OUT !!

And to make it visually official (and yes, my credentials have been challenged), the above photo is my most cherished credential: Le Cordon Bleu Grande Diplome, signed by both chefs (F. Tric and A. Jorant) + owner Elizabeth Brassart, dated Juin (June) 15 1975. My final grade written in faded French ink is "tres bien". It's the Real Deal, from the Real School (24, rue du Champs de Mars, Paris 75007). In 1984 Andre Cointreau bought the rights & logo trademark, "Le Cordon Bleu" and ended a culinary era, creating a franchised, culinary trade-school program worldwide.

Answer to my question, Absolutely!! Las Vegas here I come, tickets for events still available at:
Vegas Uncork'd

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